Must Read Books for the Summer

If you are like me, I love to sit outside on a lounge chair in the afternoon and read. I always am looking for books to read in the summer while I am enjoying the weather. Today I put together a list of 4 books that are great to read in the summer.

1. Summer of the Lost and Found

This book has always been one of my favorites. It is about a girl named Nell who spends her summer in Roanoke, Connecticut. She makes some new friends and one of them is not who she thinks he is. She spends her summer trying to figure out the mystery of the lost Roanoke Colony. The book is a must read because of how adventurous it is.

2. Absolutely Truly

Absolutely Truly is about a girl named Truly Lovejoy who moves to a tiny town called Pumpkin Falls. Her family moves to take over Lovejoy's Books, a bookstore that has been in the family for one hundred years. With all of Truly's siblings needing attention, Truly feels overlooked. She takes on a mystery in her free time that takes her on an adventure through Pumpkin Falls.

3. Yours Truly

This book is the sequel to Absolutely Truly. Truly Lovejoy is still in Pumpkin Falls and takes on another mystery when someone destroys the maple trees for the big Maple Festival. Truly and her friends must figure out who did it. At the same time she takes on a mystery that she keeps to herself when she finds a diary written from one of her relatives, the original Truly Lovejoy. This mystery takes her through her family's past to learn more about her family.

4. Wonder

Wonder is mine and most of my friends favorite books. Wonder is about a boy named Auggie who has facial deformity. The book tells about his life and his challenges going to a public school. The book tells many life lessons such as to never EVER judge someone or make fun of them because they are different.


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