Currently Vol. 2

Hello! I am so excited to do another Currently!! This is my second one. You can read my first one here. Also, new changes to my blog are coming soon. I will be changing from wix to wordpress and my blog is going to have a complete new look! I am so excited!

Currently reading... Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

Currently wearing... this vest from Paris Girls Collection and these boots from Jack Rogers.

Currently watching... started some new shows but I don't really know if I like any of them. I will put them on my next currently post if I continue watching them and like them. Please comment show recommendations haha. Some movies I have recently watched: Titanic (loved it) and Wreck it Ralph 2 (so funny).

Currently wanting... A MacBook air and Red Bubble stickers.

Currently Wishing... School was over and it is February break!!!

That's all for today! I'm so excited to share my new blog look with you soon!


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