Get the Look: Coco Chanel

Hello! I am going to be making a short series on my blog called Get the Look. I will be taking different ages and people of fashion and showing you how to get the look. Today I will be showing how to get the look of Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel has a very sophisticated and sharp style. She created a modern look that everyone wanted.

♡ Wish List ♡

♡ Striped Shirt ♡

Chanel started wearing stripes after she saw a sailors wearing them.

♡ Pearls ♡

Chanel's boyfriend gifted her pearls each birthday. Artificial ones are fine, even Chanel wore fake pearls sometimes.

♡ Blazer ♡

A blazer is a must have in this look. It fits Chanel's style and color pallet! (Blog post about blazers)

☆ Color Pallet ☆

Chanel stuck to a very cohesive color pallet. She wore mostly blacks, navy, white, blue and gray.

For my outfit I wore a blazer, gray and white stripes shirt, lots of pearls ;), and a light blue skirt.

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